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Who is Lyon Hills Bordeaux

Lyon HIlls Bordeaux is a small family kennel in Highland, MI.  Our team consist of myself (Wendy) founder of Lyon Hills. Carlo, who's specialty is keeping our dogues healthy and active. He practices carting with our adult ddbs and takes them on all their adventures to local pubs, downtown Detroit, and basically anywhere he goes. He's our socialization expert. Then there is Jillian, our daughter. She is 12 years old and has been raised with ddbs her entire life. She assists in whelping litters, caring for the newborns and implementing puppy culture protocols. She is active in the dog show world and is a true asset to the team. Michael, our son is 11 years old. He has also been raised with ddbs his entire life. He is an expert in loving our dogues. He helps with feeding, cleaning, and grooming. Although he is not active in the dog show ring as of yet he often is ringside to cheer us on. Last, but definitely not least, is Nonna Bella; my mom.  She brings 50+ years of experience to the team. She is a 'all hands on deck' expert at Lyon Hills.


We are truly blessed to have a common passion for all of us to share.

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Trusted by True Love

Our story is a simple one. A true love for dogs has been passed down for four generations. My grandfather (Nonna Bellas father) bred hunting dogs most of his life. Pointers and Spaniels to be specific. Although he did not show his dogs they were bred for a purpose to be better, healthier hunting companions. This led Nonna Bella to follow her own passion and commitment to her love for purebred dogs. At 19 she purchased her first miniature poodle. Which she went on to show and breed. Years later and oddle's of poodles later she met and married my father. They decided on raising/showing Rottweilers and West Highland Terriers. This went on for about a decade. Finally they switched breeds and fell in love with Briards (a French herding breed). During this time I, like my daughter now, assisted on showing/whelping/raising our family dogs. Third generation would be me, Wendy. Of course the obvious thing to do would pick a breed and move on to the show word and betterment of said breed. Well in my teens and into my 20's & 30's I wasn't financially ready for the commitment. During that time I always had a dog and continued to assist my parents with theirs. My breeds included a shih tzu, rescued a Chow Chow, my sweet Pit Bull, Australian Red Heeler , and my crazy Boxer. Although I loved each and every dog i've ever owned I knew someday a Bordeaux would be part of my life. As a little girl I watched  "Turner & Hooch" and knew that would be my breed someday. The rest is history. This takes us to the fourth generation of my kids. I am confident the kids will choose their breed to preserve and protect. I can only hope it will be a Dogue de Bordeaux. The experience and knowledge that has literally been passed down from each generation is invaluable.

ABOUT US: About Us


 We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of this breed, promoting the importance of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. 


  • Advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, and furtherment of the Dogue de Bordeaux breed.


  • Passion

  • Quality

  • Ethics, Honesty, & Integrity

  • Sportsmanship

  • Faith

  • We are committed to advancing the betterment of the breed.

  • We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for our breeding program.

  • We cherish dogs as companions.

  • We are committed to the families who become part of Lyon Hills.

  • We uphold high standards for proper health testing. 

  • We recognize the critical importance of protecting and preserving our breed.

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